Beau Hudson is 7.

Beau Hudson is 7.

WHAAAT!!!  7 YEARS!!! And what a ride those 7 years have been. I still feel major “pinch me” moments every. single. day!   I wanted to take you on a quick journey back to the early days of Beau Hudson...


We started at total GRASS ROOTS level! We had no website, no official packaging (it was all handmade by moi! I hand stamped everyones names on their orders…my fingers still ache at the thought of how many individual letters I would stamp to spell out our customers names! Ha!). Our downstairs basement room in our home was our “office” (and later our garage) and it was just me, some spotlight fabric and my 1 + 3 year old boys by my side! I am so blown away, humbled and PROUD of how we got from there to here (with nothing short of A LOT of hard work, passion, exhaustion, blood, sweat and TEARS let me tell ya!) But, we wouldn’t change a THING about the journey as it is what has got us to where we are today!!

We started with literally no money in our bank account and no business plan. Roscoe was a high school teacher and I was a stay at home Mum. I didn't have a qualification in design or business, just a LOVE for styling and a dream of turning my creative outlet + hobby into a business!

We were initially making kids accessories; bandinis, beanies and bow ties - I would go to Spotlight to buy fabric and a friend would do the sewing (I couldn't and still cannot even sew on a button-haha!)  Soon after launching, my beautiful friend was struggling to keep up with the speed and demand for the products, so I found a local sewer on gumtree! (Like I said, it was VERY grass roots!) We launched our accessories collection on the 27th June 2013 at 8pm...and... we were blown away when we COMPLETELY SOLD OUT in the first hour!! I will never forget that date! It was the day that our lives changed forever, and was also the start of our 6 months of zero sleep! Ha! We'd sell via the Beau Hudson Instagram account which I started from 0 followers and have grown purely organically to what it is now - over a quarter of a million loyal, and seriously AMAZING followers, who we lovingly call our BH Fam! 

I decided that I wanted to develop a range of kids clothing when shopping for clothes for my boys and discovering there was a gap in the market for really cool styles for kids. I loved styling my boys but couldn't find skinny jeans for them ANYWHERE. I had to buy girls skinny jeans and colour in the pink and purple buttons with a black texter pen! At this point, I knew that skinny jeans would be the first “clothing item” in our range. I was so passionate about getting them JUST rigt with the stretch + durability needed for active kids, the perfect wash, a jeg waist for comfort + ease to wear, and UNISX - basically everything I couldn’t find on the high street! Our denim line continues to this day to be our best selling, most popular pieces and what we are best known for!  

The dream did not come easy! We were working so seriously hard to achieve our goals. For the first 6 months when the business was just Roscoe and I, we sacrificed sleep (we averaged around 2-3 hours sleep a night, and sometimes the kids would wake before we’d even been to bed!), we sacrificed our social life and friends…we did nothing but be parents to our boys and work!  We had no employees until the next year, just friends who would volunteer to help every now and again (that’s the only way they’d get to see us! Ha!) Needless to say we sacrificed a lot, and as hard as it was at the time, it’s what we needed to do, and I am SO humbled to be in the position that we are in now. From what some people thought was 'just an Instagram business' that would not last, to a Global company with a team of 15 amazing staff, 2 warehouses and a full range of kids', babies, men's and women's clothing. We literally have to pinch ourselves ALL THE TIME to make sure it's real!

I believe the biggest thing that sets Beau Hudson apart from other clothing brands is that our business is built on the fact that people mean everything to us! All that we do is to reinforce the value that we place on our people and our relationships with our team and our customers, and I truely feel that this is one of the reasons we have been able to achieve such success. Our customers are our WORLD, and we ALWAYS go the extra mile for them. At the start, all of our orders were sent out hand wrapped in beautiful brown paper with string, handmade BH labels, and a hand stamped name on each and every package (those aching fingers haha!) And as we've grown, we STILL strive to maintain that personal touch in everything that we do. We will continue to make sure our 'BH fam' feel loved, feel special, feel valued, and feel spoilt

So in saying all of that, we couldn’t have achieved what we have without YOU guys!! Whether you’ve just joined the BH fam, or you’ve been with us since the start...we love and appreciate you SO much!!! I honestly can’t put into words just how much our customers and team mean to us! We feel SO blessed to be 7 years in doing what we love, and can’t WAIT to see what our journey looks like 7 years from now! And we can only hope that you are still following along on this wild ride with us, still adding BH to your families wardrobes, and we can’t WAIT for you to be a part of our story over the years to come!    

Check out our the video above to see our journey (I’ve literally watched it 100 times and am like “I can’t believe this is OUR story! Ha!)




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  • Amber

    Congrats on your journey and success, totally deserved! My favourite brand for sure x
    Amber (NZ)

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