Kids in Denim.

Kids in Denim.


A day in the life of a Beau Hudson kid model!

Summer is right around the corner here in Australia, so we rounded the troops and headed to Hinze Dam on the Gold Coast to get some kids-in-action shots of our kids denim and signature kids wear range.  We're lucky enough to have some SUPER cute kids in our extended Beau Hudson family, and everyone loves getting together for a day of 'living the model life' with lots of friends, fun, sun and snacks (to keep the energy levels up, obvs!).

The location was absolutely stunning and had just the urban look that suits our street fashion brand so well. Our all time fave photographer Kit from Wise Studios absolutely killed it yet again. She's the master of shoots and always brings the magic to get the kids feeling relaxed and having fun. We even had a token puppy to bring some extra cuteness and adorability to the day, because: KIDS & PUPPIES!

Whoever said that working with kids and animals is hard has obvs never worked with our crew. Our kid-models were the epitome of professional and defs have a budding career ahead of them. When not looking relaxed and pulling the perfect pose, the gang enjoyed hanging out and getting some play time in with the shoot props (the essential skate board, roller skates, and of course the doggo!).

Sash and our talented team of creative mavens were on hand to ensure we got the perfect shots of our range in order to show you guys exactly how amaze the products look in real life. We are so happy with how the pics turned out and are excited to be able to share with you some candid behind the scenes photos here...ENJOY!

You can view our kids denim range here and our kids signature basics here.








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