Celebrating Brave Queens This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Celebrating Brave Queens This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

BH Fam, meet Caroline! 
Caroline is a woman so so close to our hearts here at BH HQ, and we are so honoured to have her share her honest and inspiring journey with us this National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And each week throughout October, we will be sharing more brave + fearless stories in honour of such an important cause. 

Read on to hear Caroline's. 


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for me it’s also a time to reflect on my personal battle with Breast Cancer since being first diagnosed almost 12-months ago. 💕

Not many people know of my diagnosis and I go public with it now, not to get sympathy, but to raise awareness and the importance of getting your checks done.

My breast cancer diagnosis came as a massive shock to myself and my family, as I had no symptoms at all, and no history of this disease, except for my Aunty who contracted it in her later years. After a routine mammogram, a tumour was found in my right breast, initially non-invasive, but after several more scans, ultrasounds etc., it was discovered that I had several smaller tumours and the bigger one had in fact, become invasive.

At every doctor’s appointment, both Brendan (my husband) and I tried to stay positive, but the news of my diagnosis just kept getting worse. I felt totally out of control. It was almost like an out of body experience - like I was dreaming, as the specialist spoke to us each time.

Yes, I found a strength in me that I never thought I had, but I can tell you now - I was not strong on my own. It has only been through God’s peace and strength, and the support and love of my beautiful family and wonderful friends that has gotten me through this challenging time. 

“My life was saved only after I was prompted by a simple routine reminder to have my mammogram check-up and then actually going to get it done! You're never too busy to save your life!"  

The battle continues for me, as I find myself struggling daily with some of the side effects of the medication that I now have to take to prevent cancer returning, but this is a small price to pay for the precious gift of life. 

Although it hasn’t been easy this past year both mentally and physically, I count myself so so blessed to have been able to continue to work and to face this disease head on. My life was saved only after I was prompted by a simple routine reminder to have my mammogram checkup and then actually going to get it done! 

I encourage both men and women to get checked, even if you don’t think you have any issues. Early detection saves lives! You can get FREE mammograms from 40 years of age every two years, so there’s no excuse. Don’t dismiss it. 

You’re NEVER too busy to save your life! 💕

A big heartfelt thank you to the stunning Caroline for sharing these raw + honest words with us and the BH fam. We hope in reading Caroline's story you are encouraged to get tested early and read the signs... as she said, you are never too busy to save your own life.

Caroline wears the Pink Flamingo Tee and Dusty Pink Knit Beanie.

Throughout the month of October 2020, we will be donating $1 from every sale to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Together, we can play a small part in helping raise awareness and contributing to such an important cause that impacts so many lives. 

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