Different Denim Trends | How To Wear Denim

Different Denim Trends | How To Wear Denim

Let’s face it, you’ll find denim on heavy rotation in most wardrobes. Our fave fabric has changed over the years – from its early origins as a never-die industrial workwear staple to the flared 70’s cuts and how-low can you go denim and diamante embellishments of the early noughties. Here, we round up our top five denim trends for right now.

Distressed Denim

Distressed denim with distressed detail, asymmetry and raw edges are so in right now. It all started with ripped knees and has extended through to un-hemmed edges and custom cuts that give our staple favourites a streetwear vibe. No longer considered alternative, you’ll find this kind of denim will pass at most events – from breakfast to dinner.  

Some of our popular Beau Hudson Denim Looks 

Relaxed Denim 

    For a while there we went tight denim and tiny. Back in the early 80’s, limited sizing saw fashionistas lining up to sit in a cold bath to shrink their jeans to their skin. And we can’t forget the barely-there Daisy Dukes Jessica Simpson sported in Dukes of Hazzard circa 2005. Mum or ‘Mom’ jeans first came on the scene in the 50’s and enjoyed a resurgence in the 80’s, but now we can enjoy them in a range of cuts. That’s not to say tight isn’t still in, and now we’re lucky enough take advantage of new technology fitted denim that makes the most of your curves. And for little people, fitted no longer means 'restrictive', with fresh denim styles for kids that moves with your babe

    Style tip: Pull on a relaxed fit Distressed Denim Jacket over an oversized tee, denim shorts (hello Canadian tuxedo), or pair of leggings for an easy-everyday look.   

    Different Denim Washes

      From the deepest depths of Indigo, we are now seeing more lighter denim come through. Finding the perfect shade of denim is almost an art form. We are loving the light blue washes that still show a hint of the deeper base blue. The best part? These pieces look better over time.

      Make Denim Work For You 

      On Wednesdays we wear pink – only now we’re customising our denim too. Think embroidery, iron or sew on patches and enamel pins on your denim jackets for instant cool-girl status. 


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