Girls Cardigans


      Shop girls’ cardigans in a diverse range of styles

      The humble cardigan is one of the most versatile items of clothing and can be worn year-round with a range of different layers and accessories, delivering comfort and style at the same time. Beau Hudson’s range of girls’ cardigans is available in a variety of styles to suit all ages.

      A staple in the Beau Hudson collection, choose from bold and bright colours as well as subtle shades for occasions of all kinds. Shop for the perfect pick across baby girls’ cardigans online, through to shirts, tees and more.

      Beyond children's cardigans

      The best part about these staples is that they’re not exclusive to the little ones in your family. With our unisex range of designs available through our online store, you can match the entire family. 

        Mix and match colours and styles to suit all moods, seasons and personalities. All of our girls’ cardigans online are designed to be light-weight while remaining strong and durable, withstanding any potential to rip or tear. As the perfect lifestyle option, these gorgeous designs can be easily thrown into a bag, worn over a shirt or around the waist for a casual, on-the-go look.