Club Béau



There's VIP, then there's Club Beau. Think of it as your virtual vacay hotspot where only the most ah-mazing things happen. Like secret sales, VIP rewards points earned for simply shopping (how hard can that be!) and redeemable against your next purchase with us, secret MERCH (totes awesome exclusive goodies not available for mass purchase, VIP's only), early access to new releases, special birthday pressies, and sooooo much more! AND! There's no membership fees, ever, and no minimum spend on redeemed VIP rewards points. 
Want to be part of the BEST Club around? All you need to do is sign up or create an account NOW.
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How it works.

1 - Sign up to join the Club or create an account

2 - Earn heaps of VIP Points

3 - Redeem your points on really cool stuff

4 - Enjoy all the other perks of your Club membership

5 - Did we mention that membership is FREE. No fees. Ever!


Do you really want to miss out on all these Club benefits?


VIP Points
Build up your VIP status and earn points when you shop, when you share, when you follow and when you subscribe. VIP points are redeemable via vouchers for future purchases. Find out how below. 




Secret Sales

We all love a sale, but a secret sale is the absolute best! Club members will have exclusive access to secret sales ensuring you won't miss out on totally amazing deals.






Exclusive Merch

Exclusive Club merch designed just for you! Want to stand out from the rest? Ready to answer 'where did you get that' everywhere you go? Join the Club to be on the list to get yours.





Early VIP Access

Early access to new product releases? You got it! Get alerted to our new product drops before the rest and be the first in our brand new styles.





Birthday Goodies

 VIP points on your birthday, every year, just because we love you. Birthday points are added to your stash of points and are redeemable against purchases in our online store.





...and more

As if all that isn't enough, we'll be adding more Club benefits along the way. Features to come include earning points  for referrals, earning points for product reviews, invite-only VIP events and more! 





How to score your VIP points

1 - Subscribe to our newsletter = 50 VIP points (once off)

2 - Create an account = 20 VIP points (once off)

3 - Follow us on Instagram = 20 VIP points (once off)

4 - Share our Facebook page = 20 points (once off)

5 - A lil' gift on your birthday = 100 VIP points (once per year, must be redeemed within 3 months)

6 - Spend and earn = 1 point per $1 spent (no limit)


How to spend your VIP points

Head to your Beau Hudson account page. When you've earned enough points, redeem your voucher and use towards your next purchase, boom!  

 $10 VIP Voucher

100 VIP points

$20 VIP Voucher

200 VIP points

$30 VIP Voucher

300 VIP points


* Receive 1 point for every $1 spent redeemable on any products at Redeemable via vouchers of $10, $20 or $30 with NO minimum spend. Vouchers will include a code to use at checkout.