"I loved testing and working on the nappies! Not only was I excited about having a cool looking nappy, but I loved learning about how much detail goes into them. And it’s so much more than you would think – nappy tabs, absorbency, visualization, the product and fibres being used for sensitive skin, plus so many other things to make it a quality nappy!" @wonderfulmamaofficial chats to Sash from @beau_hudson! Click here to read the full article 


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Holiday Looks for Kids

December 24, 2015


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December 5, 2015


Sit down with… SASHA, 31, GOLD COAST 

By Flourishbomb Thursday, November 5, 2015

We came away from our chat with Sasha, founder and CEO of fashion and accessories label, Beau Hudson a) wondering how she had time to meet with us & b) wanting to be her best friends! Sasha, what do you think? ;-) Her determination to reach her goals, and the fortitude she shows in tough times, is awe-inspiring. Personally, it motivated us and made us realise we had the capacity to dig deeper. On top of this, we’re not sure if you could get a more genuinely lovely person. If you want to know what truly goes on behind the scenes of Beau Hudson, and be inspired by an amazing businesswoman, this is the interview for you!


[On starting Beau Hudson]

Beau Hudson is my eldest boys’ middle names: Halen Beau and Duke Hudson. When we started the business we only had the two boys but now we’ve got to put Knoxy in there somehow!

I’ve always loved styling. For me it is kind of like my creative outlet; I enjoy it just as much as someone likes painting a picture. Back when Halen was born, I felt like there was not much [clothing] out there [for boys]. I bought so much girls’ stuff for them because I loved the way it fitted; boys clothes are always wide. I remember people would look twice because I’d buy black tights for him so that they’d look like little skinny jeans.

So I started Beau Hudson with Bandinis™. I borrowed my sister’s sewing machine and made the worst Bandini ever! I can’t sew to save my life! But I used that and I marketed it on Duke with every outfit, as if it was just the best thing that everyone had to have. I started the Beau Hudson Instagram page and then posted pictures of him in the Bandini, saying, ‘kids’ accessories coming soon’. Then a local sewer started, and within six months she was working solely for us, had her husband working full time, and about five staff members. That’s where all our bowties, beanies and Bandinis were made.

[On the initial months]

The first eight months were probably the best and worst of my whole life. Just as we started the business, my husband started a Masters, he was full-time teaching, and we had two kids. I didn’t sleep more than two hours a night for that whole time. We lived off No-Doz tablets, anything with caffeine, and we just ate whatever. Every day we’d put the kids to bed and then pull a full day shift from 7pm.

I remember we went to Perth to visit family and when we got there my husband had about two days where he couldn’t even turn the lights on. I had lost all enjoyment. I was so upset; I just didn’t want to go back. The growth of Beau Hudson – we’d never, ever complain about it – but we couldn’t manage. Knowing how far we’d come, Roscoe was like, ‘we need to get some help’, so we came back and hired help. That was a big change for us.

And then our next biggest change: I very accidentally fell pregnant with Knox. I freaked out! This was in the midst of all of this, and I was worried about his health. But it was the best thing that ever happened to us because that day, we sat down and Roscoe said, ‘we’ve got nine months to turn everything around. We have to fix this. We can’t keep living like this’. In that time Roscoe came on full time, and we employed Megan, our office manager. I look back now and think without me falling pregnant with Knox, we wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to do those things, but I feel like it’s in a much more stable place…and we’re still growing!

[On working from home]

It’s full on working from home and having staff come to your home, but it’s been great to be able to have Knox there. I can easily go between the two [work and home]. If he’s having a nap, I just turn the monitor on and I can go to work.

[The boys] have their moments: they have a tantrum at my desk, or Duke will yell out, ‘Mum, come wipe my bum!’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness Megan is on a business call!’ That’s the reality of it.
I wanted to be a stay-at-home mum and so that’s why this has been fantastic. They get to see Roscoe because he’s home all the time as well, so the kids see him as much as they see me.

[On the boys’ feelings about Beau Hudson]

They’re so funny. I’ll be like, ‘Where’s Dad, boys?’ Dad’s down in Beau Hudson, Mum’ – when he’s down in the office. Or when Halen needs to go to the toilet he’ll say, ‘I’m going to go use the Beau Hudson toilet!’ Hearing them talk about it, I love it because it’s second nature to them. Halen’s such a little poser, too. When he’s in the right mood, he’s like, ‘Mum, do you want to take photos of me for Beau Hudson?’ They love it. They embrace it.

[On the best part of the job]

I have these moments where I’ll be like, ‘this has our boys’ names on this; this is our brand!’ And I look at our packaging with our logo on it, and I look around at everything and I think, ‘we built this’. I love that we are building a team. I love running a team. I love that this is our vision, not someone else’s. I have to pinch myself when I go through the hashtags on Instagram and see there are kids in different parts of the world wearing our designs and our products. I absolutely love it. I will never, ever take it for granted. I’ll still remember that table where I started it from scratch, on my own, with a sewing machine that I couldn’t use!




Here's what 13 Aussie mums learned from building businesses while raising kids


Having a baby isn’t the end of your career, it can actually instigate a whole new one for many mothers.

Business Insider spoke to 12 Australian “mumpreneurs” who’ve launched their own ventures while raising little ones.

Many came up with the idea for their business after experiencing the problem they now solve, realising there was a sweet spot in the market.

For many, as the kids are growing, so are their businesses and they’ve got a bunch of advice to share with other mums or mums-to-be thinking about launching their own business.

Here’s what 12 Australian mums learned from building their own companies.

Being A Mum In Business Forces You To Refine Your Multitasking Skills - Sasha Deacon, Founder Beau Hudson

Founder of accessories company Beau Hudson, Sasha Deacon came up with the idea after she had her boys and found the market was lacking a practical accessories solution.

'My goal was to mix something I loved, with being able to be at home with my boys. They were and are my inspiration. Combined with my love for fashion and accessories- I began the business from my dining room table. With my husband now on board as my full time business partner and a great team, we are growing it into something we can one day pass on to our boys,' Deacon said.

Biggest lesson learned from starting a business while being a mum

Deacon said the biggest thing she has learned - and admits is still learning - is time management and balancing home and work life.

'Being able to switch between the role of business owner/entrepreneur and mum was a difficult task and I felt it physically impossible to come out of work mode as the emails, orders and to do list never ends! I really had to learn how to switch off from work and give my kids the love and attention they needed,' she said.

'There have been many occasions where I felt like I was either failing as a mum, or as a wife, or a business owner! But the reality of it is...that’s ok! When I have those moments, I just have to take a breath, regroup and write out a list to work out where to prioritise everything.

'It’s not an easy task juggling all of these roles- but all I can do is be the best I can at them and there is nothing more rewarding than watching our business grow and thrive through much hard work, and then ending the day with cuddles with my boys!'

Best piece of advice for other mums considering launching their own venture

Deacon said it's all about having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and where you see your business going.

She said staying accountable is so important because while the rise requires a lot of 'hard work, sweat, tears and sacrifice' you need to know what the light looks like at the end of the tunnel.

Is there something being a mum brings to your business?

Deacon says, 'Absolutely! Being a mum allows me to keep it real on a daily basis! One minute you’re speaking on a business platform and dealing with international contacts, and the next minute you're changing nappies and dealing with tantrums!'

'It also brings a lot to my business specifically (being in kids fashion) as I can relate to what parents are wanting for their kid’s as it was everything I was in search of for my own. Being a mum in business forces you to refine the skill of multitasking, which is an invaluable tool! It has opened up a new world of opportunity for my family and the future for my kids.'