Girls Pants and Shorts


      Go beyond the humble girls’ pants with our variety of shorts

      Jeans are one of the most practical, simple and stylish fashion items that have a range of benefits for the whole family. Comfortable, timeless and durable, they are extremely functional and designed to be long-lasting, offering a super-easy way to match outfits with other clothing items and accessories.

      Beau Hudson is your Australian denim retailer, offering a large range online that extends far beyond standard designs. For something truly special, browse our range of other girls’ pants and shorts that are perfect for all ages – from little tots, to toddlers, children and teens.

      Explore toddler girl pants for an adorable touch on practicality

      Beau Hudson’s collection has been designed and created to offer a range of different options for girls, boys and grown-ups – including blue denim, black denim and distressed denim. All of our products have been crafted so they not only look fantastic, but stand the test of time, even for the busiest and most active girls. Check out our options including:

      • Distressed Denim Jeg Jeans for Kids
      • Jeg Jeans in blue or black
      • Goldie Distressed Denim Shorts
      • Denim Overalls 

      All of our products from our custom-milled denim, have been crafted into our Signature Denim selection, so you can be assured of the highest levels of quality, detail, comfort and style. Get the best of all worlds with our pieces that offer premium comfort and range of motion, as well as durability and toughness – perfect when you’re looking for baby girls’ shorts and pants.