5 Tips For The Perfect Family Photoshoot

5 Tips For The Perfect Family Photoshoot

Let’s be honest. Having the perfect family photo is difficult! We feel the pain of planning the location, outfits and finding a time around soccer games. But it’s time to #MumBoss this. Styling your shoot can be fun and of course why pass on the perfect time for new fits! First off no, need to go crazy, we’ll help you get you style ready for your shoot. Why pass on free tips for Instagram worthy pics.

No matter the theme matching, or colour coordinated you can fall into the 80’s style trap. Of course, family photos don’t need to be like the 80’s…. awkward! We can help take your shoot from tacky to trendy. Let’s get ready to be inspired with our top tips so you can rock your shoot without the awkward!

1. CONSIDER your location

Your outfits for your shoot greatly depend on the location you choose. Start by chatting to your photographer about different options – will it be the beach, the forest, urban street or a studio? Keep in mind where you shoot will impact the colours of your outfit. Feel amaaazing in soft pinks and muted mustard tones? An afternoon open field location or sunrise beach location would be perrrrrfect! Hot tip when selecting a location: consider somewhere that holds sentimental value for your family. It could be an open field that you take the kids to after school to burn off energy, or your favourite spot on the beach that brings feelings of total joy. Selecting a location with sentimental value will add an extra level of depth, ease and comfortability to your session, but will also mean so much more when the frames are hung on your walls. Your photographer is bound to know some secret spots too, so ask them for their favourite locations to shoot!

three side by side shots of beau hudson models. First one two girls backs to camera walking away in cheetah print togs and denim shorts. Second to the left is sash and roscoe in college sweaters and denim shorts walking to the camera holding hands. Third two kids, one boy leaning with leopard print shirt and black jeg shorts and small girl in matching shirt sitting on steps with legs crossed.

2. CONFIDENCE is key

Let’s be honest – getting a stranger to snap a photo of you & your kids on holiday is one thing, but getting in front of a professional camera? A DIFFERENT WORLD! Family photographs are really significant – they have the potential to be passed down to your children, your children’s children and beyond! You want to feel your best and dress your best. This doesn’t always mean lugging out the suit-and-tie from ’93 or dusting off your old formal gown; simply wear an outfit and colour that you feel confident in that is slightly dressier than your everyday look.  Your clothing helps tell the story of who you are, so choose stuff that feels ‘you,’ as opposed to a picturesque dream Pinterest outfit

Three images of owner Sasha. Red flannel shirt and leather pants. First image with heart hands to camera, sitting on bench. Second image, sitting with right hand fully extended in peace sign hands. Third Sash standing on left leg with right extended, one arm in the air with peace sign again.

3. COHESIVE colours and tones

Want some great news? Full-fam matching with white-tees & blue jeans are no longer the ‘norm’! YASS! Instead of stressing about full-fam matching colours, focus more on colour cohesion and co-ordination. That’s why our twinning options are just THE BEST – they are super cute and stylish for both the kids & Mum and Dad, all while escaping the cringe factor! The easiest way to ensure consistency with your whole fam and the location, is to check out Campaign/Collection pages for visual inspiration on matching tones for the whole fam! EG: An Autumn/Fall Cardigan edit will feature all the best outfits for the full fam in all those gorgeous Autumn tones – PERFECT for a pop of subtle colour on a golden hour shoot.

Three images all of same small girl. First image girl standing next to red pole smiling with sunnies and cute outfit. Second same girl holding rainbow lollipop. Third, same girl holding lollipop straight in air and standing on bench.

4. CLEAR of logos and patterns

Short and sweet: Avoid heavy patterns, thin stripes and logos/graphics. As much as I am an everyday advocate for the full-face Elsa and Anna tees, they can definitely go amiss during family portraits. As you know we don't tend to shy away from the vibrant colours but too many patterns or logos is where we draw the line. You don't want clashing logos or patterns to take away from the perfect shot. Look for complimentary fits that let your family's amazing smiles be centre stage. 

Three image banner. First woman in athleisure wear against concrete wall  with hand holding glasses. Second teen girl crouched on one knee in beau hudson sweater holding glasses below eyes staring at camera. Third image woman standing on staircase one hand leaning on rail. Back to camera turning back looking off in distance. Wearing black athleisure wear

5. COMFORT over perfection

Family photos should be so much more than just a few poses and praying that your child emerges with a forced smile in at least one snap. Family photos are about capturing the heart of who your family is – all the highs and lows. Your images will capture the moments in movement, so ensure your choice of outfit is considerate for all the spins, pick-ups, and move-freely moments. For men, opt for a non-crease shirt that looks good untucked. For women, avoid low-plunging or gaping neck lines!

Three images. First small boy swinging arms standing across from dad. Dad smiling standing up in matching outfits. Second image Sash and small girl. Sash crouched next to hugging girl in front of black car. Third image, small boy toddler in boxer underwear. Holding Basketball and looking back at camera smiling.

If you still are stressing don’t worry our socials have heaps of amazing BH family inspo! Check out @beauhudson or our family photoshoot ideas on Pinterest. For the perfect fit check out our Beau Bundle Collection. Be rewarded with 10% off your perfect family outfits if you buy 2 or more. 

Stop scrolling Insta and start getting your fits ready. We’re ready to see your amazing Fam make the most of their next Fam photo-opt, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @beau_hudson #beauhudson.

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