Because of you, Mama | A Poem About Motherhood

Because of you, Mama | A Poem About Motherhood

Hey There Mama.
Mum. Mummy. Mother. Ma.
We need to talk.
There’s a few things on my mind,
That I think I ought to say,
As a Mama myself
I know that being a Mum often feels the same way that the ocean must feel
When its life mission is to always give kisses to the shoreline even when it gets pushed away.
See I know that Motherhood can feel lonely when it’s just you and the baby,
The 3am feeds staring out the window thinking just maybe,
I wonder if one day I’ll have it all figured out, am I doing this Mum thing right?  
But the truth is, you’re not alone.
For during the late-night feeds, what you can’t see
Is that beyond the trees is another Mama, with her lamp on and a babe in her arms.
And It’s important to know that all the times you’ve felt broken, inadequate or lost
When your child embraces your arms, they don’t see perfection or the jacket’s cost
They see you, Mum.
On the days you see the stretch marks, bulges and the bumps
They see only a Mother’s strength, stability and love that trumps
All fear.  
You see Mama, your children don’t need perfection, they just need you.
Because behind every Mother is a superhero and behind every hero is a human who chooses to live in the tiny moments.
The moments that make everything worth it.

The first moment your new-born baby is placed on your chest
When you overhear your child refer to you as their best friend
Watching their eyes light up on Christmas morning
Witnessing them perform an act of kindness without any warning
When your child teaches you to see the world through their eyes
To find wonder and joy in old toys, airplanes and butterflies
When they fall sick or are hurt and it’s Mum they look for
When they peer into the crowd and see you in every performance or sport
And when it becomes all too much
The messy buns and the throw-up stained tees
The dishes left unwashed and the piles of dirty laundry
When the nappies, cleaning, feeding and toilet-training
Feel like it’s never ending
When sleep deprivation and mum-guilt take over
And you’re struggling to function
When some days it feels like
You’re overcome with emotion.
Remember this, Mama...
When it’s time to let go of the bike And cheer
As they pedal on without you,
When you walk them down the aisle
To say their I do’s
 When you hold your first grandchild
Looking at the tiniest of socks and shoes
Remember that this all started because of you.
Mama, we need to talk.
Because today it’s important for you to know
That the values you planted in the highs and the lows
That start as a seed and then start to grow
See even seeds need both the sun and the rain
To learn to stand planted in love and how to withstand pain
So Even when the lows feel like they outweigh all the highs,
Know that it’s from you they learn perseverance and how to rise.
And it’s time for you to know, Dear Mother,
That the late nights, the early starts, the sacrifices and
moments when it felt like you had no-where to go
Are times when you are seen, you are heard, and you are known.  
What may seem insignificant to you Mum,
The memories that you don’t remember,
Are the very words and lessons that shaped a foundation
On which they build their character.
Amongst all the hats you wear
The housekeeper, Event planner, Coach and Teacher
The Referee, Nurse, Counsellor and Peacekeeper,
As impressive as the resume is,
The biggest honour of all is that of a Mum.   
For nothing beats the feeling
Of tucking them in at night
Watching them drift off into their dreams,
Thinking maybe I do have this Mum thing right.
For each night I look at the little human,
The one that I created & always protect
And it’s in these moments
That I stop and I reflect.
When I hear from my boys that they can’t believe
That out of out of all the mums in the world
I’m the one they received.
And moments like these
Remind me of what I do this for
Because when I feel I’m just one person,
To them I am so much more.
So it’s time for you to know, Dear Mama,
That only you can provide the security found in your embrace
You give endless and unwavering amounts of grace
You take on the challenge of Motherhood like no other
And my hope for you is that all the hugs, kisses and love remind you that
There is no one truly like A Mother.
There is no one as amazing as YOU.  

Happy Mother's Day.


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