Kids #iso PARTY!!

Kids #iso PARTY!!

Duke's Surprise 8th birthday party!

As if social distancing and isolation isn't hard enough on kids, then their birthday has to fall when they can't have that longed for party with all their friends, with cake, with games, with all the fun that goes with an awesome party! But wait... all this CAN still happen with some creativity and careful planning.

Duke's 8th birthday happened this weekend, and what a birthday it was!! Sash + Roscoe weren't going to let this one go by any less special than the others, and it may well be one of his most memorable yet! With a little help from friends and family, we managed to pull off an AMAZING ISO PARTY!! We'll share with you here our iso kids party tips, and how to pull off a birthday that your kids will LOVE you even more for - if that's possible, of course.

Duke's fave thing right now is Fortnite and Teen Titans, so Sash + Roscoe surprised him with a Fortnite themed Drive by Parade Party and invited allllll of his friends to a drive-past birthday party and Duke was THRILLED to say the least! His friends were asked to decorate their cars, drive by the house, beep and honk and wish him a super special happy birthday. Duke has been struggling a little in iso and had been missing his friends so much, so a birthday parade was just what was needed to cheer him up. There were street signs, an amazing balloon garland, party bags, a food platter with all his fave things to eat, and of course the all important CAKE! Duke's friends turned out in droves to wish him a happy birthday and there were smiles, laughter (and just a few tears) all round, what a day! 

The balloon garland!

Duke's fave colours are purple, blue and hot pinks so we got the beautiful Sash and Hayley from Styled by Sasha Events to create one of their masterpiece balloon garlands to set the theme of the party. These impressive balloon garlands really are amazing and are just the thing to bring on the party spirit. Honestly, what a show stopper!! Sasha and Hayley pre-make the garland so the set up is super quick and easy! They had it up and looking amazing in only 20 minutes!!

The party bags!

Without party bags, there is no party, right!! To add a little bit of a personal touch and creativity to the party bags, Sash got the boys to decorate some brown bags with hand drawn pictures before they were filled full of goodies for the party guests (unbeknown to the kids of course, as the party was still a surprise at this stage so they thought they were just doing more crafts!). Having the bags decorated by the kids added a really lovely touch. The bags contained a BH beanie (what better item to add when you own a clothing brand), a Fortnite figure or Minecraft mystery box, some matchbox cars for the boys and unicorn loot for the girls, and of course...candy!! The party bags were a major hit and Duke was just as excited to hand them out to all his friends as he was receiving his birthday presents from them!

The food platter!

...was A.MAZING! Stacked high with all of Duke's fave things to eat, the beautiful Mel (Beau Hudson's creative genius and Sash + Roscoe's executive assistant) and her very talented Mum Caroline put together one of the best food platters we've seen, seriously!! Piled high with popcorn, jelly fruits (just so we could all try out the latest TikTok challenge - check out our Instagram featured stories to find out what THAT is all about!!), salt and vinegar chips, doughnuts, guacamole + chips, sour straps, grapes, cucumbers, sour warheads, chocolates and fairy floss! All purchased from local grocery stores. Yummmmmm.

The street signs!

Designed by our very own talented Mel and printed by our fave printers Island Printing (these guys really are the best local printers and they printed the sign for us with hardly any notice at all, LEGENDS!), we decorated the length of the street with birthday street signs and even the neighbours got involved and beeped as they drove past the iso party!

The cake!

The cake was the most fun part of the whole party planning process. Want to know the secret? WOOLWORTHS. MUDCAKES. Yep! Just 3 of the Woolworths chocolate muds, coated in a vanilla buttercream and decorated with treats! The trick for a moist cake centre, as revealed by our friends at Milk and Honey Cake Creative, is to actually freeze the cakes a few days prior.  Who would have thought! The cake itself cost under $20, and it's up to you how much you spend on the cake decorations. Sash chose candy and real Fortnite toys and figurines that could be taken off and washed for some extra birthday pressies, winning! 

This cake was seriously cool, and deserves it's own blog in our opinion! Check out our next blog post to find out how to make it for yo'self! Bring on Super Mum Status!! 

The end! Or was it...

Duke really did have the most amazing day, got to see all of his friends, eat all of his fave foods, do the jelly fruits TikTok challenge, and seeing him so happy totally made Sash + Roscoe's day! But, when his friends had come and gone, the food platter was bare, and the sun was going down... EVENING PARTY began! Yep, that's right, why end the party there? Just the Deacon's and their cousin, they all sang happy birthday (again haha), sat around a fire pit and ate fish 'n' chips and marshmallows. WOW, what a day!! This kids iso party really goes to show that birthdays in isolation DO NOT have to be dull, and in Duke's own words "this has been my BEST, most favourite birthday party EVER!" Who knew something as easy to put together (and according to Sash, the least messy of any other at home party) could bring the most joy! 

Kids birthday party invite

Kids_Iso_Birthday_Party_Tips_ balloons

Kids_Iso_Birthday_Party_Tips_ birthday cake 

Kids_Iso_Birthday_Party_Tips_street signs 


Fire Pit at the iso party 

Check out the full IG story in our BHTV video of the story HERE.

Thank you to...

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this such a special day, especially Mel, her wonderful Mum Caroline and our amazing party dream team. 

The balloon garland - Styled by Sasha Events
The cake - Made by Mel, recipe Milk and Honey Cake Creative
The food platter - BH's very own Mel and her Mum Caroline.
The street signs - Printed by Island Printing  
The invitation - Designed by Mel
The photos - Taken by Mel
The video - The amazing Justin Clark 

And, thank you to all of Duke's friends and family who drove past, decorated their cars, made signs, beeped their horns and made it such an incredible, fun and memorable day for him!!


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