Boys Jackets and Sweaters


      The most trendy, cool boys jackets and sweaters

      Beau Hudson is the proud designer of a super cool, trendsetting collection of pre-teen, toddler and baby boys jackets and sweaters. Designed to impress, with an emphasis on top quality fabrics and comfort, our pieces are sure to be adored by you and your little one alike.

      Beau Hudson creates these styles to ensure that kids Australia-wide feel happy, cosy and confident in the clothes they wear. As loving parents themselves, co-founders and husband and wife duo, Roscoe and Sash Deacon, wanted nothing more than to produce pieces that kids will love and be happy wearing. They are honoured to come to work everyday to build on this ambition and make more and more customers happy . Browse awesome styles right here at our online store and find out why Beau Hudson is a chosen family fashion label for families from Melbourne to New York and beyond.

      Why are our boys jackets & sweaters first class?

      As parents themselves, Sash and Roscoe Deacon refused to settle for second best when it came to producing designs that are actually fitting for kids. Not just this, but there is no compromise on the materials used to produce each garment - they have to be of the highest quality to ensure they will keep up with their busy, adventurous ways.

      Beau Hudson is proud of the collection we have created here, and we know that you too will find something that you and your little one will adore, wearing it to the park, to the ball game and back home again for some much needed chilling time.

      Our pieces are special because:

      • They come in a wide range including boys denim jackets, stylish sweaters & cardigans.
      • They are produced with nothing but the finest fabrics.
      • They are designed to last the test of time & the playground.
      • They have the celeb family tick of approval (think the Kardashians & Mel B’s kids!).

      What’s even more special is the way both mum and dad can match with their little guy when out on the town. Here, you will find a lovely selection of matching fashion in both women and men’s options. If you are a family that love twinning  - our collection is what you’ve been looking for!