We design uber stylish cardigans

      Beau Hudson is the creator of an ultra sophisticated cardigans collection for sale at our online store. Designed for semi formal occasions as well as everyday wear, our garments are as smart as they are comfortable, with fine stitching and functional cuts at the forefront of our design ethos.

      We are a family fashion label that creates pieces that the whole family can enjoy. Perfect for dads, mums, teens and youngsters, our styles come in a range of colourful prints that make up a collection to be admired. This range is part of the reason why Beau Hudson has quickly become one of Australia, and the world’s, favourite family fashion labels - it is smart, wearable and made for a range of occasions. Check out the collection and find out for yourself.

      Why pick up a Beau Hudson adult or teen cardigan?

      Beau Hudson places a great emphasis on creating styles that are comfortable and versatile. Whether it’s heading for a day on the town with the family or simply taking care of errands, our cardigans are made to take care of you whilst you take care of the important things in life.

      We have specially designed this range to blend seamlessly from socialising to doing the family thing, creating a dynamic garment that breathes effortless sophistication with everyday style. We love producing new and vibrant styles, and we know that you will find one for yourself or a family member that will be simply perfect.

      Our adult and teen cardigans are the best because:

      • They are highly versatile & made for a variety of occasions.
      • They are made from high quality fabrics.
      • They are made to last.
      • They are comfortable for winter & summer wear.

      The last thing to know is that each piece comes in a range of styles that you can #TWIN your little one with to create a super cool, matching family ensemble. You will be the freshest fam at the park wearing one of these with your little one matching, not to mention how snug you will be when the weather cools down!